Monument and Memorial Etchings

Leading the Way With Quality Monument Etching

As the popularity of black granite continues to grow, etchings on monuments have also become commonplace. Nebraska Memorials has become well known for the high quality of our etchings over the past 25 years and is the only Nebraska monument company to have a full-time etcher working in-house. In the average year we will complete around 175 etchings in our facility.

There are two types of etchings: hand-diamond etchings and laser etchings. Nebraska Memorials is happy to provide either type depending on what the situation calls for.

Lasers etchings are often used to replicate exact, good quality pictures of people or aerial images shot from a plane. They are created when a high-wattage laser burns the surface of the granite to create a permanent image.
Hand-diamond etchings are the most common and are drawn by our artist when we need to create a wildlife, farm, or ranch scene where we might not have a high-quality picture that would work well with a laser. At other times we may need to draw a composition from a series of pictures that would be nearly impossible to photoshop and have a good quality image for the laser to work with. Hand-diamond etchings are created when the artist physically scratches the surface of the stone with a diamond tipped drawing tool.

Chuck Andersen has been doing our etchings for over 15 years, serving the last 10 years as the main etcher for the company. Chuck not only does work for us but has also done drawings for the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and etchings for the Nebraska One Box Pheasant Hunt.

Samples of Our Quality Memorial Etching